Dan's Suspension...


Dan Strauss of the Large Morning Show in the Afternoon on the the Big 550 KTRS has been suspended for 7 working days.

Strauss, who is often referred to as the "world's worst producer," will return to work on Monday, November 27th.

Regular listeners to the show listened in disbelief on 11-13 as Strauss attempted to tell a tasteless and insensitive Helen Keller joke.

His suspension was announced on the spot and became effective just 3 days later.

"This is embarrassing for all of us," said Frank O. Pinion. "We had no choice but to suspend him. Anyone who knows our show knows that there are just certain things that we don't go for."

When asked what the joke was about, Pinion would only say that, "it was the one about her leg being yellow."

In fairness, Pinion also suspended himself, along with Terry Dailey, Ian the Peon Geisz and Karen Vail for three days (11-17 and 11-23 & 24) for snickering at the reference to Keller's leg.

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